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Warranty Terms and Conditions

EagleTec Warranty Terms and Conditions

EagleTec product servicing guarantee and warranty period:
EagleTec (Asia) Limited in regards to the Company's products, provides a one, two, or five-year warranty period.
In order to be entitled to the full warranty service, the purchase invoice must be presented together with the original packaging and package label for warranty reference purposes. The warranty period starts from the date of purchase and if the date of requested product servicing falls within the warranty period, any cost associated with repair or replacement of faulty parts will not be incurred by the customer. Any repair or replacement made to a product will not extend the original warranty period.

Product Warranty Limitations:
Regardless of whether a requested product servicing falls within the warranty period, the warranty does not cover hardware or software not produced by EagleTec (Asia) Limited. In addition, the company will not guarantee the maintenance of any memory storage products, as well as the data integrity of any information, content or data contained within them. In the following cases, the company will not provide warranty services: products with expired warranty periods, expendable parts, products misused not according to its intended function, products incorrect used, external damage of products, natural disasters, man-made disasters or due to incorrect self-assembly, self-repair or self-modification of products.

Free technical support:
If the customer needs technical support at the time of installation or during use of any EagleTec products, please contact the technical support department.

EagleTec (Asia) Limited reserves the right towards final interpretation of the above terms, and of all complete warranty terms and conditions of all EagleTec brand products. This provision will take precedence over all other verbal or written guarantees. With exemption from the above stated warranty statements, EagleTec (Asia) Limited and EagleTec brand products will not provide additional assurance. To the extent permitted by law, any implied warranty or special conditions will not be recognized.