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Is use of an external battery safe?

Improvements in smartphone technologies have helped make smartphones become very popular devices. However, if used frequently for power demanding activities such as browsing the Internet or making video calls, little battery life is leftover for the rest of the day. This has made mobile external batteries popular items.
An external battery often gives your phones a power boost during emergencies, so be sure to choose a safe and reliable external battery. Other than choosing one based on brand confidence and good quality testing evidence, taking good care of your external battery is essential. Avoid exposing the battery to extreme heat and cold which can shorten battery life or cause permanent damage to the unit. Do not let the battery contact water; shelter the unit when it rains to avoid corrosion or circuit damage. Following these recommendations will help make an external battery safe and reliable.


External mobile batteries are often measured in mAh, what is mAh?

Smartphones, tablets, or external mobile batteries often have their unit power expressed in mAh, but what is mAh? MAh (Milliampere per Hour) is a measurement used to measure the amount of current output an electrical product produces for an hour. For example, an EagleTec external battery of a 5600mAh rating can supply 400mA of power per hour for 14 hours or charge a 2800mA rechargeable device twice. It is important to note that different device usage habits will affect the number of charges needed. For example, high power usage activities such as Internet surfing and long talk times will result in more charges being necessary to keep the device running. Hence, it is best to buy an external mobile battery based on your personal user habits.


What is 2.1A and 1A output? What is the difference?

In a nutshell, a 2.1A output can charge a 2100mAh device per hour and a 1A output can charge a 1000mAh device per hour. For iPads and tablets requiring 2.1A output, charging with a 1A output will result in an insufficiently charged device or a prolonged charge time. Therefore, a 2.1A output is recommended instead. Conversely, is it safe charging a smartphone with a 1A output with a 2.1A battery charger? Properly certified battery chargers have protective circuits inbuilt, and will adjust their charging output to the output of the devices accordingly. In fact, a 2.1A battery charger will actually charge a 1A output device much quicker than if a 1A battery charger were to be used by approximately half its charging time.


What is USB 3.0?

When using newer products with USBs, many will notice a difference in the USB socket head, particularly its blue coloured tinge. These are the USB3.0 sockets, a new USB with transfer speed while still flexibly backward compatible with older USB devices such as USB2. 0. As a USB3.0 host can be easily identified, large files such as HD video can be transferred in a shorter time than USB2.0, providing time-saving convenience. Moreover, the USB3.0 technology is constantly being improved and with more functionality added. Previously, it could not detect devices without an electrical supply, now that problem has been removed.


Product specifications expressed aptX technology, but how good is aptX technology?

Music aficionados have always appreciated the opportunity to listen to music with better fidelity. The use of aptX technology can help you. An AptX technology provides a wider musical range and higher audio quality, coming close to CD stereo quality and effectively reduces delays. Therefore, with aptX technology, music devices can provide the best treble, middle pitch and bass levels of a high-quality music experience similar to listening to a CD, allowing for greater music enjoyment.