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EagleTec was established in 1999, and has its Asia Pacific headquarters located in Hong Kong. Partnering with Taiwan, China and Hong Kong manufacturers, we provide quality electronic products and services to customers around the world, primarily wholesalers and distributors of computer products among many world-renowned brands. In fact, EagleTec is a popular brand among many large distribution chains in Hong Kong. 70% percent of our product distribution is within parts of Asia, while Australia and Europe account for the rest.


Product Types

EagleTec offers a diversified range of products to meet customers of all needs, including various flash memory cards and other portable storage media. USB card readers and USB flash disks have been our big sellers, with market demand increasing in recent years.


Key strengths



All because we are familiar with market developments, we are able to offer very competitive prices to our customers.



To ensure high and stable product performance coupled with attractive designs, we invest significant resources into our product research and development.



By listening to customer feedback and needs, we strive to establish effective and long lasting customer relationships.



By paying careful attention to technology trends in the ever-changing market, our professional sales members are equipped with the skills to provide comprehensive services towards all customer needs.


Corporate Culture

EagleTec employees are active and innovative, resulting in the company's aggressive market expansion and global growth. Our goal is to become the main supplier of storage media and computer products worldwide, actively penetrating various technological markets across the world.


When your company decides to expand their business into different cities or markets, our staff are able to provide the best business plan made through detailed analysis of your business background and objectives to carry your business to the next level of success.